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Other Projects

Health Insurance Program staff lend their expertise to a range of projects aimed at expanding and improving health insurance coverage throughout the state and nationwide. Recent projects include:

Evaluation of 12-Month Continuous Eligibility in Medicaid:

On behalf of the State Health Access Reform Evaluation (SHARE) project through the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Health Insurance Program staff will use Medi-Cal administrative data to evaluate the impact of the policy of "12-month continuous eligibility" on health outcomes such as well-child visits, reduction in emergency room visits and reduction in hospitalizations. Staff will conduct a pre-post analysis of when the policy was implemented in 2001 using a propensity scores model to estimate the impact of the policy change on children who otherwise would have had discontinuous insurance.

Discontinuous Public Health Insurance and Its Effects on Access to Physician Services:

On behalf of the California Program on Access to CARE (CPAC), Program staff examined the impact on access to care encountered by children who lost public coverage and became uninsured. Using data from the 2007 California Health Interview Survey (CHIS), researchers compared children who lost their public program coverage with those continuously enrolled in Medi-Cal and Healthy Families to determine whether they had similar rates of access to care. The investigation revealed that children who lost their coverage experienced a pattern of having lower rates of access to care, particularly in greater delays in getting needed care. Researchers also found that parents’ insurance status had a larger impact on a child’s access to care than the insurance status of the child. The research was used to develop policy recommendations, including an increased emphasis on family coverage rather than just expanding coverage for children.

Health Insurance Status of Artists:

On behalf of Leveraging Investments in Creativity (LINC), Program staff investigated the health insurance status of artists and other creative workers in the United States using the Current Population Survey. The subsequent report, Health Insurance Among Working Artists in the United States, examined regional differences in insurance coverage for artists, types of coverage and rates of insurance compared to the general population. The report is featured on LINC's National Artist Health Insurance Initiative website.