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The State of Health Insurance in California (SHIC)

Every two years, the Center's Health Insurance Program staff analyze data from the California Health Interview Survey (CHIS), the nation's largest state health survey, to create the most comprehensive available portrait of health insurance trends in the nation’s most diverse and populous state.
The State of Health Insurance in California (SHIC) report assembles dozens of health insurance measures pertaining to Californian adults, teenagers and children, ranging from coverage estimates to insurance status disparities. Particular attention is paid to examining the uninsured population, the steady erosion of employment-based coverage and the expansion of public coverage programs to keep pace with demand. Growing disparities in coverage, particularly among the poor, noncitizens and people of color, are also documented.

SHIC Topics include:

  • An overview of changes in coverage
  • Differences among age groups
  • Characteristics of the uninsured
  • Trends in job-based insurance
  • Disparities in health insurance coverage
  • Coverage trends among workers
  • Children’s insurance coverage
  • Health consequences for the uninsured

Used by policymakers throughout the state, California's rich diversity also makes the SHIC report an important policy tool at the national level for legislators, analysts, advocates, academics and the media interested in health insurance coverage trends among a wide range of ethnic, racial and socio-economic groups.
The SHIC report is funded by grants from The California Endowment and The California Wellness Foundation.