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​For questions regarding the UCLA-SAFE project, please Email Us​ or call 1-866-252-3383.

To reach our staff:

Peggy Toy, MA
Program Director

Marlene Gomez, MPH
Program Manager

Michael Fine
Communications Specialist

Project Partners include:
Visit our Frequently Asked Questions webpage to learn more about the project.

 Site Resources


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     Addendum Tips & Samples
          Nonsmoking Areas Addendum​

 Legal Concerns
     Smokefree Apartment House Registry: Can You Be Sued Because Your  
     Tenants Smoke?
 Promoting Smokefree Practices
     Smoke-free Apartment House Registry: Finding and Keeping Good Tenants
     Apartment House Registry: Finding and Keeping Good Tenants
     Public Health Law & Policy: How Landlords Can Prohibit Smoking in 
     Rental Housing
     Smokefree Apartment House Registry: Protecting Your Property from 
     Tobacco Smoke

 Rent Control
     Southern California Public Radio: Has Rent Control Been Successful in    
     Los Angeles?
     Smokefree Apartment Housing Registry: A Discussion for Landlords about 
     Rent Control and Secondhand Smoke

 Cessation Resources

 Implementation of Smokefree Housing in Local Municipalities and US States
     American Journal of Public Health: Evaluating the Implementation Process 
     of a Citywide Smoke-Free Multiunit Housing Ordinance: Insights from 
     Community Stakeholders
    African Americans

Best Practices & Plans
     CDC Best Practices Tobacco Control
Fact Sheets  
Smoking Prevalence
Other Helpful Links