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 Data and Community Engagement Workshop


The workshop has been designed to help improve the capabilities of organizations to help them better understand how to translate research and health data into local programs and community health improvements. 

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Trends in the Health of Older Californians Training

The Trends in the Health of Older Californians Training is a one-day event for program planners and policy advocates working on elder health issues. The purpose of the training is to increase the capacity of staff and volunteers of community-based organizations to access and use research data on the health of older adults to support program development, policy advocacy and fundraising work.

Participants receive the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research’s publication “Trends in the Health of Older Californians” and training workbook that includes planning worksheets and website links to data sources. Participants will also receive technical assistance from Health DATA staff for 60 days following the training they attend.

The Trends in the Health of Older Californians Training is made possible through a grant from The California Wellness Foundation.