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 Data and Community Engagement Workshop


The workshop has been designed to help improve the capabilities of organizations to help them better understand how to translate research and health data into local programs and community health improvements. 

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Introduction to Health Data Workshop

For staff who are new to the field or who have limited experience using health research data in their work, we offer the Introduction to Health Data Workshop.

The Introduction to Health Data Workshop enables participants to understand, analyze and present health research data to promote community health. Through the use of games, role-playing exercises, and interactive discussion, participants are encouraged to utilize health research data to become more effective health policy advocates. Participants first learn to critically analyze in order to determine the appropriate uses and limitations of research they find. They also learn how to identify relevant and reliable sources of data as well as how to refine their data search. At the conclusion of the workshop, participants learn to apply the skills they have learned to effectively present accurate demographic, statistical, and scientific information to advance their health policy and advocacy goals. Technical assistance is provided by project staff to assist participants with their use of tools learned in the workshop.