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 Data and Community Engagement Workshop


The workshop has been designed to help improve the capabilities of organizations to help them better understand how to translate research and health data into local programs and community health improvements. 

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Program Evaluation Course

This is a service learning course designed to teach community based research skills in program evaluation. It is designed for both undergraduates and community partners working in public health non-profits. Course participants will learn the theory and practice of program evaluation, by designing and implementing a program evaluation study, which benefits the home agency of the staff persons enrolled. Course participants will use technology to achieve the course objectives, including on-line tutorials, listservs and other data collection and analysis programs.

This project is a collaboration of the UCLA Center for Community Learning, Neighborhood Knowledge Research Center (formerly associated with the UCLA Advanced Policy Institute), and the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research- Health DATA Program. The project is supported by a UCLA in LA grant from the UCLA Center for Community Partnerships.

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