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 ALERT: New tool helps community groups analyze environmental health data


The ALERT curriculum is designed to build the capacity of community representatives to understand and analyze environmental health data, develop action plans, establish partnerships, and develop and enhance their training capacity in order to bring new knowledge and skills back to their communities.


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About Health DATA

Health DATA provides training and technical assistance to community, service, and advocacy organizations to improve their capacity to find, understand, and present credible data in their programmatic and policy development work-whether it is to get a specific issue on the agenda, raise public awareness or to advocate for public policies that benefit their community.

Staff and volunteers can learn how to access and apply health research data in their program and policy work through Health DATA workshops and technical assistance. Program participants reflect a broad range of health interests and represent a diversity of public health and advocacy professionals and community members, including executive directors, program managers, health educators, development staff, promatoras and volunteers.