Chronic Disease

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Project Highlights

The Center’s Chronic Disease Program has conducted wide-ranging research on some of the most pressing health issues facing California and the nation. Current project areas include:
Policy evaluation: Program staff have examined whether policies and programs to improve air quality have had an impact on related chronic conditions, such as asthmaheart diseaseCOPD and diabetes.
Air pollution: The Chronic Disease Program has examined he link between air pollution and asthma,  diabetes, as well as overweight/obesity.  Researchers have also examined disparities in exposure to air pollution. 

Added sugar:  The Chronic Disease Program organized an expert roundtable on reducing added sugar consumption featuring academics, experts and advocates from across the country and internationally.
View a summary of presentations and related video here.  
Safe parks: Program staff have evaluated the link between park proximity, safety and teen physical activity. 

Fast food: Center researchers constructed a “Retail Food Environment Index” (RFEI) to examine the effect of higher concentrations of less healthy food outlets on junk food consumption.

Lung disease: Program staff conducted the first detailed study of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease prevalence in California.

Soda and obesity: Program staff have published numerous studies about the link between sugar sweetened beverages and obesity.

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