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Support… Research that Changes Lives

Cancer. Obesity. Health Insurance. Heart Disease. At the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, experts are studying important public health issues affecting people in California, in the United States and throughout the world. That research has contributed to significant improvements in public health. Read about results.

Support… Breakthroughs in Public Policy

Leaders need the right information to improve public health. Experts at the Center for Health Policy Research regularly produce policy briefs used by officials at the local, state and national level to promote better health care policies and programs. The UCLA Center for Health Policy Research's staff also provide expert analysis and testimony on reform of the health care industry. Our expertise has led to better laws and policies that protect the health of millions of Americans. Read about results.

Support… Access to Quality Information

The research and analysis are available free of charge, empowering the work of hundreds of state and federal agencies, researchers and community groups working to improve public health. Read about results.

Support… A Healthy Future