Health Profiles: Legislative Districts

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California has 80 State Assembly Districts, 40 State Senate Districts and 53 US Congressional Districts.   
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2009 Legislative Health Profiles

Get estimates for your CA Assembly, CA Senate or US Congressional District

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Select a CHIS year, topic and district type below to download a table that will give you the number and percentage of constituents affected and how your district compares to the state.

Estimates available from CHIS 2009 (below) and CHIS 2011-2012.

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California Legislative Districts, CHIS 2009
District Type​ ​ ​
Topic​ CA Assembly​ ​CA Senate ​Congressional
Current Smoker         ​ PDF PDF PDF
Diabetes​ PDF PDF PDF
Obesity​ PDF PDF PDF

Sedentary Behavior​

Serious Psychological Distress​ PDF PDF PDF
Current Asthma​ PDF PDF PDF
Fast Food Consumption​ PDF​​ PDF PDF
Sugar Sweetened Beverage Consumption​ PDF PDF PDF
Under 200% of Federal Poverty Level​ PDF PDF PDF
Low-Income Food Insecurity PDF PDF PDF
Uninsured Anytime in 2009​​ PDF PDF PDF
Exchange Eligible Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA)​ PDF PDF PDF
Medi-Cal Eligible under ACA Expansion​​ PDF PDF PDF

Source:  2009 California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) based on legislative boundaries in effect from January 2013 to January 2023. 
Boundaries for legislative districts were approximated using 2010 Census tracts.