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By correctly citing CHIS in your research and/or publications, you enable the
UCLA Center for Health Policy Research to promote your work.

Specifically, we search the web for recent CHIS citations and keywords that may lead us to new research or articles containing CHIS data. Should the author wish, we can list that research on the CHIS webpage, read by funders of health research, policymakers and fellow researchers.


Quick tips for citing CHIS:
  • Embed keywords such as “CHIS,” “California Health Interview Survey,” and “AskCHIS” in electronic submission keyword files. This makes it easier to find your research
  • When citing the survey, please refer to it as the “California Health Interview Survey” and the abbreviated version as “CHIS,” with appropriate survey years (Ex: “CHIS 2005,” “CHIS 2003”)
  • When citing AskCHIS, refer to it as the “California Health Interview Survey” (Ex: “Source: 2005 California Health Interview Survey”)