California Health Interview Survey


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Public Use Data Files

Conduct your own in-depth research

Dig deep into California health issues with our comprehensive statewide CHIS data files on a variety of topics. Public Use Files (PUFs) ​enable researchers to customize and run their own data searches. The files are available in a variety of data formats, including SAS, SPSS, and STATA data formats.

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The files contain:

  • Records of individual respondents.
  • Various health status, health conditions, health-related behaviors, health care access and health insurance coverage information.
  • Gender, age, race/ethnicity, urban/rural and other descriptors.
  • A data dictionary and survey questionnaire accompany each file.

Note: To minimize the risk of indirect identification and increase data confidentiality, sub-state geographic identifiers (e.g., county, city, and zip code) and confidential variables such as sexual behavior are excluded from the CHIS Public Use Files. However, access to confidential data is available through our Data Access Center. Learn more about confidential data.

For research requiring county, region, or state analyses visit AskCHIS.